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Sexxxy Stina's Wish Lists

Welcome to my WISH LIST page. I just love to shop and fantasize about owning some of this stuff. That's all it really is...Really nice STUFF. Feel free to click and look around. I've heard that you can learn a lot about a persons wish list. If that's true then I bet that I can learn alot about the person buying ME the gifts. Everyday is like Christmas!
So with all that said...Let's get to know each other better!
Have fun shopping!!!


Neiman Marcus

Smith Brothers


King Ranch

Adoptions for $ale
Mortgage $700 every 2 weeks
Car Payment $400 per month
Utilities $275 per month
Auto Insurance $150 per month
Satellite TV $100 per month
Phone $80 a month
Shopping $125 per week
Entertainment $150 per month
Dining $200 per month
Day Spa $125 per week
Manicure/Pedicure $80 per week
Auto Detail $60 per month
Maid Service $125 per month
*If you're unemployed, you have maxed out credit cards or are a student with no cash then don't bother trying to get my attention.